Friday, September 5

Honda Reintroduces the Insight Hybrid ahead of new model Prius

CNN Reports:

Honda Motor Co. unveiled a pure-hybrid concept car Thursday that hopes to go head to head with Toyota's wildly popular Prius.

The carmaker showed images of the Insight that will go on sale in the United States in the spring, it said. The car, which will be sold only as a hybrid, will be a five-seat hatchback and will be priced "significantly below hybrids available today," Honda said in an announcement.

The picture on the CNN website looks almost exactly like the current model Prius. It will be very interesting to see what price range they can make this car, what mileage is can get, as well as what features it comes with.

Toyota is also expected to announce new hybrid models, including a new Prius in January at the Detroit motor show. Detroit News reports that there will be a Lexus hybrid with a completely different design to the Prius, as well as the next generation prius.