Thursday, May 17

Toyota to be 100% Hybrid by 2020

Toyota has announced that they plan on producing 100% of their cars as Hybrids by the year 2020.
Previously, Toyota had announced that they would have their full range of cars available in a Hybrid form by 2010.

Currently the Prius is the only Toyota branded Hybrid available in Australia, with a Camry Hybrid available in the USA. Lexus has a range of luxury Hybrid cars available, at a much higher price.

Reuters reports that Toyota is hoping to make as much money from hybrids as it does from conventional cars by the end of the decade.

Experts are predicting that the new model [ed: 2008/2009 Prius], due late next year or in early 2009, will feature a cheaper lithium-ion battery system.

As for alternatives, Takimoto mentioned that plug-in hybrids, which run on electricity alone and can be charged from a household power socket are still years away from being feasible. While diesel vehicles, as favored by the European carmakers, require expensive particulate filters and other traps that cost almost as much as the first generation hybrid technology.

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