Sunday, September 24

Microwave engine

New Scientist reports: "Relativity Drive: The end of wings and wheels?"

Of course, any crackpot can rough out plans for a warp drive. What they never show you is evidence that it works. Shawyer is different. He has built a working prototype to test his ideas, and as a respected spacecraft engineer he has persuaded the British government to fund his work. Now organisations from other parts of the world, including the US air force and the Chinese government, are beating a path to his tiny company.
The device that has sparked their interest is an engine that generates thrust purely from electromagnetic radiation - microwaves to be precise - by exploiting the strange properties of relativity. It has no moving parts, and releases no exhaust or noxious emissions. Potentially, it could pack the punch of a rocket in a box the size of a suitcase.

Monday, September 18


Our magnolia has survived the winter, and is now starting to shoot!

I was quite worried about it, as about 4 weeks after it got planted, the last leaf fell off it (after all, we did plant it in Autumn...), and there had been no signs of life until now.

Not expecting any flowers from this tree for a few years yet. Posted by Picasa