Friday, April 21

Dr Who on the ABC

The first episode of the 2006 Season of Dr Who aired in the UK last weekend.
Upon checking on the ABC website, there was no mention of when it was going to air in Australia.

I therefore did 2 things.
1) I downloaded the first episode off the internet and watched it.
2) I asked the ABC when they were planning on airing the new series.

The answer I got from the ABC was:

"Thank you for your recent email.

We have secured the rights to broadcast 'The Christmas Invasion' 2005 special and Series 2 of the new Doctor Who, both starring David Tennant as the 10th Doctor. We anticipate that the Christmas special and the new series will be broadcast later in 2006. At this stage, I cannot be more specific about when this may occur. You can keep up to date with what's on ABC TV by visiting the ABC TV page at

Kind regards

***** ******
ABC Audience and Consumer Affairs"

I guess the ABC doesn't mind missing out on segments of its audience as it doesn't get advertising revenue anyway, though it does seem rediculous for them to hold onto the series like this and not just show it a few days later than the UK.

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Anonymous said...

If you manage to find an answer to the madness, let us know. Different rating seasons maybe? Maybe they get it cheap and they're not allowed to play it until later?