Tuesday, February 14

Nokia Reveals UMA Phone

BetaNews Reveals:

"Nokia made a host of announcements Monday ... including its first UMA capable device ... .

The Nokia 6136 phone will be the company's first entrant in the UMA space, a technology that supporters say is useful in areas of little or no coverage. The 6136 would be able to switch between a GSM and wireless network without dropping the call, Nokia says.

To support the launch of the phone, the manufacturer has also announced a solution that would allow a carrier to offer cellular and data services over a WLAN. Nokia says the two products allow the company to offer an end-to-end solution."

Thursday, February 9

Brokeback to the Future

I just got sent this YouTube video by e-mail. I thought I'd post it here for all you Back to the Future fans.

Brokeback to the Future.