Sunday, December 18

Our House - the pictorial view

We got ADSL connected up in the new home mid-last week, but we couldn't find the cable for our camera to download the photos onto the computer.

I finally located the cable (it was hidden amongst other cables of the same colour), so here is a sneak peek at our house.

Tuesday, December 13

Our House, in the middle of our street...

Settlement of our new house was last Thursday. We started moving all the small things in that afternoon. We also got all the locks changed (so that there is now 1 key, rather than 5!), and got an alarm (and got the alarm people to put in a couple of network points and phone point in the study.), and got a new fridge (that fits in the kitchen). The freezer arrived Saturday.

We're still waiting for ADSL to get connected, and for the alarm person to come back with a central ADSL filter.

Friday was our big move day. The removalists arrived at around 8:30am, and it took them until around 11:30am to get the truck fully loaded. By fully - we had 47 square meters of stuff, plus the fridge (which was strapped to the back of the truck). The removalists left at around 6pm, after fully unloading, as well as dropping and collecting things around town.

With my brother helping us, and later in the evening, my dad and sister, we had a good portion of the boxes unpacked Friday night, including all the books.

By Saturday arvo, we had unpacked most of the rest of the boxes. We now only have around 10 boxes to go. Mainly non-everyday kitchen stuff.

I'll put up photos once we get ADSL at home. And we'll start to invite people around once we catch up on sleep.