Wednesday, November 23

1.6TB Holographics backup disks due September 2006

Finaly a backup solution that is ahead of hard disk sizes.

Maxell, In-Phase team on holographic disk:

Maxell Corp. of America, and InPhase Technologies are teaming to develop holographic media for optical media storage.

The media provides storage capacities to 1.6 terabytes per disk and data rates as high as 120 megabytes per second, and provides long archival life.


The companies plan to bring holographic media to market by Sept. 2006.

Friday, November 18

Dr Who 5 minute special

The next Who episode airs on the BBC tomorrow (~9 PM Friday GMT) and will be on line afterwards:

It’s a 5 minute special for the children in need charity, set just after the end of Parting of the Ways.

Cool Microsoft Security Add from Japan

From Michael Howards security blog:
Think Security - Microsoft Japan - a cool short streaming video demonstrating what a lack of computer security means in an easy to understand lesson.

Wednesday, November 9

New House

After many months of looking around, Karen and I have finally found and bought a house!

We had given up on looking at houses for the day on Saturday and while driving home we passed an open for inspection that we had overlooked. We quickly popped in and liked the house. The agent then rang us that evening to say that someone else had made an offer. We then made a counter offer for less money, but a 30days settlement (subject to builders inspection, which happened last night), which the vendor accepted. We signed last night.

So, on the 8th of December, we get possession of our own house!

Now for the mad rush of banks, removalists, mail redirections, etc.