Saturday, October 8

Google RSS Reader

Google has introduced an Beta RSS Reader at It can import your existing RSS subscriptions from an OPML file, such as what BlogLines can export.

Importing my bloglines feeds, it kept the categories that I had, converting them to Labels, as per GMail. Some sections of the UI were quite CPU intensive, running on Firefox 1.07. They performance seemed much better under Firefox 1.5 beta 2.

I think I'll need to wait a few days, so that new posts can come in on a variety of feeds, before I decide on whether I'll use it instead of bloglines.

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Dave said...

The performance also sucks on IE6. And it's buggy. But worse than that: the UI is just lamentable. I guess they're going for some kind of radical interface that doesn't look like anything else (as they did with GMail) but this time they struck out with whoever did it for them. Ugly, unusable, slow, buggy.