Sunday, August 28

Self Driving Car in 2008

Engaget reports that GM is going to release a new model of the Opel Astra with the ability to drive itself.

The model. due in 2008 will use lasers for guidance and video cameras to detect signs and other obstacles, so that it can drive automatically in traffic.

Friday, August 26

Serenity Movie

Nissajade posts a good review of the Serenity movie.

If you haven't heard, Serenity is the new movie by Joss Whedon and follows on from his TV series FireFly. Like Nissajade, I also saw the Wednsday night preview screening and really enjoyed it. The TV series has translated well to the big screen.

Lets hope they make a sequel. One movie isn't enough... I want more!

Serenity will arrive in Australian Cinemas on the 29th September