Monday, June 13

Churchill Walk

We went for a short walk over a hill on the weekend. 5 hours later, we got back. From Churchill National Park to Listerfield Lake, where we had lunch, then around the lake and back over the hill.

This image is near the top of the less steep side of the hill.

Space above and Beyond on DVD - "this summer"

TV Shows On DVD Reports that the Space Above and Beyond series is coming to DVD this American Summer (that's very soon!). It is initially going to be available exclusively to Best Buy stores, but after the exclusivity period, we should see it elsewhere.

Saturday, June 11

Why does Explorer eject the CD after you finish burning it?

The Old New Thing explains:

"Most CD drives cache information about the disc in their internal memory to improve performance. However, some drives have a bug where they fail to update the cache after the CD has been written to. As a result, you can write some data to a CD, then ask the CD drive for the data you just wrote, and it won't be there! The drive is returning the old cached data instead of the new data. For most drives, ejecting and reinserting the CD is enough to force the drive to update its internal cache.

'But wait, it gets worse!'"

Friday, June 10

No New Command Line for Longhorn

BetaNews reports:

"'It will take three to five years to fully develop and deliver,' said Microsoft Senior Vice President Bob Muglia this week at Tech Ed 2005."

Monad had been available as an Alpha versions for registered testers since the early alpha releases of Longhorn.

Thursday, June 9

Camry Hybrid late '06

Camry Hybrid late '06 :: Toyota Prius Forums :: "Looks like the Camry Hybrid will be available in late 2006, with a production of 48,000 Camry Hybrids per year."

Full news at

This article is in relation to Camrys produced in America.

Tuesday, June 7

BetaNews | Apple Announces Switch to Intel Chips

BetaNews reports: Apple Announces Switch to Intel Chips:

"Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the stage Monday morning at the company's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) and confirmed what was once unthinkable: Apple will be switching from IBM PowerPC chips to Intel's x86 processor line.

The next release of Mac OS X, called Leopard, will usher in the new generation of Apple computers. Jobs said the primary reason for the change was that Apple wants the best computers for end users, and Intel's roadmap 'is exceptional' while PowerPC products have lagged.

The transition will not happen overnight, Jobs explained, saying it will take two years comprised of two major challenges. The first will be making Mac OS X work on Intel-based x86 processors, but Jobs wowed WWDC attendees by announcing all of the demos he had performed were actually on an Intel machine.

Apple has been compiling Mac OS X on x86 processors for 5 years Jobs said, adding that by this time next year, Apple hopes to ship the first Macs with Intel chips."

Slashdot also has an article

Thursday, June 2

Google Secret Lab

Google Secret Lab, Prelude - Henk van Ess's Search Bistro:

"It's a lab of humans from all over the world (from China to The Netherlands, from Korea to Brasil) They are paid to check search results of Google every day."

Included in this link are screenshots of the user interface used to refine the google indexes and a flash movie about the site.

Wednesday, June 1

AMD Unveils Dual-Core Athlon 64 X2 Chips

InformationWeek reports :

"Advanced Micro Devices Inc. is launching its first PC microprocessors with two computing engines on a single chip Tuesday, further expanding its product line with a technology that's expected to be a major driver of PC performance for years to come.

The four chips to be announced Tuesday at the Computex trade show in Taiwan are targeted at high-end personal computers used for advanced tasks such as creating or editing digital media. In April, AMD introduced dual-core chips for servers and workstations.

AMD's announcement of the Athlon 64 X2 comes less than a week after Intel Corp. launched its first mainstream dual-core chips, dubbed the Pentium D.

Both companies have been in a tight race to deliver the processors since engineers realized that simply ratcheting up the clock speed of single-core chips was creating too much heat and not producing the same improvements seen in previous models."

Toyota: Household Robots by 2010

BetaNews reports:

"A report in Tokyo's Asahi daily newspaper says Toyota is endeavoring to start selling robots that can work in the home by 2010. The robots would primarily be designed to help the elderly, but could even serve tea to guests or take care of household chores."