Tuesday, March 22

Benioff and Weiss To Write Ender's Game Script

Slashdot reports that Benioff and Weiss are to write the Ender's Game Script.

From a comment on the story:

"I saw OSC at a book signing last Tuesday (Mar 15, 2005), and he had a few things to say in regards to the movie:

1. He was pleased with the selection of Benioff and Weiss due to their past performance on pictures such as Troy and 25th Hour.

2. The actors to play both Ender and Bean have, in his words 'probably been born', but as of this moment are not old enough to really be on the radar.

3. Currently Wolfgang Peterson is slated to direct, and is happy and supportive of the project.

4. There is a specific clause in the contract to not change the ages of the characters, as this would shift the dynamic of the story in a direction that it should not go.

5. The main reason for combining Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow is so that a good deal of Ender's emotions (which, for those who have read Ender's Game, is a good deal of the book) will be able to be externalized, or become available to the the viewer."

original news item here.

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