Sunday, December 18

Our House - the pictorial view

We got ADSL connected up in the new home mid-last week, but we couldn't find the cable for our camera to download the photos onto the computer.

I finally located the cable (it was hidden amongst other cables of the same colour), so here is a sneak peek at our house.

Tuesday, December 13

Our House, in the middle of our street...

Settlement of our new house was last Thursday. We started moving all the small things in that afternoon. We also got all the locks changed (so that there is now 1 key, rather than 5!), and got an alarm (and got the alarm people to put in a couple of network points and phone point in the study.), and got a new fridge (that fits in the kitchen). The freezer arrived Saturday.

We're still waiting for ADSL to get connected, and for the alarm person to come back with a central ADSL filter.

Friday was our big move day. The removalists arrived at around 8:30am, and it took them until around 11:30am to get the truck fully loaded. By fully - we had 47 square meters of stuff, plus the fridge (which was strapped to the back of the truck). The removalists left at around 6pm, after fully unloading, as well as dropping and collecting things around town.

With my brother helping us, and later in the evening, my dad and sister, we had a good portion of the boxes unpacked Friday night, including all the books.

By Saturday arvo, we had unpacked most of the rest of the boxes. We now only have around 10 boxes to go. Mainly non-everyday kitchen stuff.

I'll put up photos once we get ADSL at home. And we'll start to invite people around once we catch up on sleep.

Wednesday, November 23

1.6TB Holographics backup disks due September 2006

Finaly a backup solution that is ahead of hard disk sizes.

Maxell, In-Phase team on holographic disk:

Maxell Corp. of America, and InPhase Technologies are teaming to develop holographic media for optical media storage.

The media provides storage capacities to 1.6 terabytes per disk and data rates as high as 120 megabytes per second, and provides long archival life.


The companies plan to bring holographic media to market by Sept. 2006.

Friday, November 18

Dr Who 5 minute special

The next Who episode airs on the BBC tomorrow (~9 PM Friday GMT) and will be on line afterwards:

It’s a 5 minute special for the children in need charity, set just after the end of Parting of the Ways.

Cool Microsoft Security Add from Japan

From Michael Howards security blog:
Think Security - Microsoft Japan - a cool short streaming video demonstrating what a lack of computer security means in an easy to understand lesson.

Wednesday, November 9

New House

After many months of looking around, Karen and I have finally found and bought a house!

We had given up on looking at houses for the day on Saturday and while driving home we passed an open for inspection that we had overlooked. We quickly popped in and liked the house. The agent then rang us that evening to say that someone else had made an offer. We then made a counter offer for less money, but a 30days settlement (subject to builders inspection, which happened last night), which the vendor accepted. We signed last night.

So, on the 8th of December, we get possession of our own house!

Now for the mad rush of banks, removalists, mail redirections, etc.

Friday, October 28

Visual Studio 2005 Ships!

Visual Studio 2005 Ships!:

"The official launch is still November 7th, but Visual Studio 2005 is available for download starting today. This includes Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite, the role-based editions, and Visual Studio 2005 Team Test Load Agent. We're also releasing a Beta 3 Refresh of Team Foundation Server. Of course, the downloads are for those with the appropriate MSDN Subscription."

Time to play around with some new tools at work...

Wednesday, October 19

New Media PC from Sony - with 200Disc DVD stacker

From Matt Goyer's Media Centre Weblog:

The Sony VAIO XL1 Digital Living System includes a 200disc DVD stacker, and fits in nicely with HiFi components. It runs Windows Media Center Edition 2005, and has nice add-ins to allow you to quickly rip 200 CD's onto your computer at a time (by loading the stacker, and telling it to do its thing, while you go off and do yours), and also catalogues the DVD's that you have in the stacker, so that they have title pictures/etc that are easily browsable in Windows Media Centre.

A press release. There is also a Q&A on Microsofts site with Microsoft and Sony people

what is it?

what is it? I guess I'll find out in 12 hours. In the mean time there are 6 short teaser video clips on the site.

Monday, October 17

Torchwood - Dr Who spin-off show

The Independent Online reports:

The BBC has commissioned the Doctor Who scriptwriter Russell T Davies to make an adult post-watershed spin-off of its mostfamous sci-fi show.

The new programme will be called Torchwood (an anagram of Doctor Who) and will follow a crack team investigating alien activities and crime in modern-day Britain.

The series is set to start at the end of the next series of Dr Who.
The program is planned to be distinct from Doctor Who and no stories will directly cross over between the two projects.

Tuesday, October 11

BetaNews | Companies Push 802.11n Forward

BetaNews | Companies Push 802.11n Forward:

27 companies announced on Monday that they would be joining forces to promote the next generation of wireless networking technology. The group would be known as the Enhanced Wireless Consortium and will push for the ratification of 802.11n.

802.11n promises connection speeds of up to 600 Mbps.

According to the group, a proposal for a standard could be reasy as early as early next year, with final ratification in late 2006.

Wallace and Gromit Studio Loses History

Slashdot reports that the Wallace and Gromit Studio Loses History:

TheFarmerInTheDell writes 'CNN is reporting that the Aardman Animations building in Bristol, home of Wallace and Gromit, has been destroyed by fire From the article: 'Today was supposed to be a day of celebration, with the news that 'Wallace and Gromit' had gone in at No. 1 at the U.S. box office, but instead our whole history has been wiped out'

Saturday, October 8

Still not sure if you should see Serenity? Check this out

From Sean Alexander's Blog:

Still not sure if you should see Serenity? Check this out:

Universal just released the first 9 minutes of the motion picture Serenity online.  Now that's smart marketing- in order for this one to get out of orbit, more folks (than just the fanboys) need to see just how good it is.

Link to see the first 9 minutes of Serenity

Google RSS Reader

Google has introduced an Beta RSS Reader at It can import your existing RSS subscriptions from an OPML file, such as what BlogLines can export.

Importing my bloglines feeds, it kept the categories that I had, converting them to Labels, as per GMail. Some sections of the UI were quite CPU intensive, running on Firefox 1.07. They performance seemed much better under Firefox 1.5 beta 2.

I think I'll need to wait a few days, so that new posts can come in on a variety of feeds, before I decide on whether I'll use it instead of bloglines.

Thursday, October 6

Space Above and Beyond - The Complete Series is taking pre-orders for Space Above and Beyond - The Complete Series:

"Availability: This title will be released on November 8, 2005. You may order it now and we will ship it to you when it arrives. Ships from and sold by "

Can anyone believe that it has been 10 years since this series aired on TV?

Wednesday, October 5

Orson Scott Card on Serenity and Enders Game

In a review of Joss Whedon's newly released Serenity movie, Orson Scott Card says:

This is the kind of movie that I have always intended Ender's Game to be (though the plots are not at all similar).

And this is as good a movie as I always hoped Ender's Game would be.

And I'll tell you this right now: If Ender's Game can't be this kind of movie, and this good a movie, then I want it never to be made.

I'd rather just watch Serenity again.

In the same review, he also states his negative opinion of most other Sci-Fi films (Charlie Kaufman's movies excluded). A good read.

Friday, September 23

Needs To Be Glassed

Needs To Be Glassed: "Everyone featured on this site requires a f'n glassing."

This site features bad photos and a (beer) Glass Rating for each of them.

Monday, September 12

Windows Vista Product Editions Revealed

Chriss Lanier reports from PDC05 that the Windows Vista Product Editions have been revealed.

Replacing XP Pro will be Windows Vista Home Premium Edition or Windows Vista Professional Edition, depending on whether the user is a home user or professional. Home Premium now includes Media Center. Ultimate Edition will include the superset of all the editions.

Sunday, August 28

Self Driving Car in 2008

Engaget reports that GM is going to release a new model of the Opel Astra with the ability to drive itself.

The model. due in 2008 will use lasers for guidance and video cameras to detect signs and other obstacles, so that it can drive automatically in traffic.

Friday, August 26

Serenity Movie

Nissajade posts a good review of the Serenity movie.

If you haven't heard, Serenity is the new movie by Joss Whedon and follows on from his TV series FireFly. Like Nissajade, I also saw the Wednsday night preview screening and really enjoyed it. The TV series has translated well to the big screen.

Lets hope they make a sequel. One movie isn't enough... I want more!

Serenity will arrive in Australian Cinemas on the 29th September

Monday, June 13

Churchill Walk

We went for a short walk over a hill on the weekend. 5 hours later, we got back. From Churchill National Park to Listerfield Lake, where we had lunch, then around the lake and back over the hill.

This image is near the top of the less steep side of the hill.

Space above and Beyond on DVD - "this summer"

TV Shows On DVD Reports that the Space Above and Beyond series is coming to DVD this American Summer (that's very soon!). It is initially going to be available exclusively to Best Buy stores, but after the exclusivity period, we should see it elsewhere.

Saturday, June 11

Why does Explorer eject the CD after you finish burning it?

The Old New Thing explains:

"Most CD drives cache information about the disc in their internal memory to improve performance. However, some drives have a bug where they fail to update the cache after the CD has been written to. As a result, you can write some data to a CD, then ask the CD drive for the data you just wrote, and it won't be there! The drive is returning the old cached data instead of the new data. For most drives, ejecting and reinserting the CD is enough to force the drive to update its internal cache.

'But wait, it gets worse!'"

Friday, June 10

No New Command Line for Longhorn

BetaNews reports:

"'It will take three to five years to fully develop and deliver,' said Microsoft Senior Vice President Bob Muglia this week at Tech Ed 2005."

Monad had been available as an Alpha versions for registered testers since the early alpha releases of Longhorn.

Thursday, June 9

Camry Hybrid late '06

Camry Hybrid late '06 :: Toyota Prius Forums :: "Looks like the Camry Hybrid will be available in late 2006, with a production of 48,000 Camry Hybrids per year."

Full news at

This article is in relation to Camrys produced in America.

Tuesday, June 7

BetaNews | Apple Announces Switch to Intel Chips

BetaNews reports: Apple Announces Switch to Intel Chips:

"Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the stage Monday morning at the company's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) and confirmed what was once unthinkable: Apple will be switching from IBM PowerPC chips to Intel's x86 processor line.

The next release of Mac OS X, called Leopard, will usher in the new generation of Apple computers. Jobs said the primary reason for the change was that Apple wants the best computers for end users, and Intel's roadmap 'is exceptional' while PowerPC products have lagged.

The transition will not happen overnight, Jobs explained, saying it will take two years comprised of two major challenges. The first will be making Mac OS X work on Intel-based x86 processors, but Jobs wowed WWDC attendees by announcing all of the demos he had performed were actually on an Intel machine.

Apple has been compiling Mac OS X on x86 processors for 5 years Jobs said, adding that by this time next year, Apple hopes to ship the first Macs with Intel chips."

Slashdot also has an article

Thursday, June 2

Google Secret Lab

Google Secret Lab, Prelude - Henk van Ess's Search Bistro:

"It's a lab of humans from all over the world (from China to The Netherlands, from Korea to Brasil) They are paid to check search results of Google every day."

Included in this link are screenshots of the user interface used to refine the google indexes and a flash movie about the site.

Wednesday, June 1

AMD Unveils Dual-Core Athlon 64 X2 Chips

InformationWeek reports :

"Advanced Micro Devices Inc. is launching its first PC microprocessors with two computing engines on a single chip Tuesday, further expanding its product line with a technology that's expected to be a major driver of PC performance for years to come.

The four chips to be announced Tuesday at the Computex trade show in Taiwan are targeted at high-end personal computers used for advanced tasks such as creating or editing digital media. In April, AMD introduced dual-core chips for servers and workstations.

AMD's announcement of the Athlon 64 X2 comes less than a week after Intel Corp. launched its first mainstream dual-core chips, dubbed the Pentium D.

Both companies have been in a tight race to deliver the processors since engineers realized that simply ratcheting up the clock speed of single-core chips was creating too much heat and not producing the same improvements seen in previous models."

Toyota: Household Robots by 2010

BetaNews reports:

"A report in Tokyo's Asahi daily newspaper says Toyota is endeavoring to start selling robots that can work in the home by 2010. The robots would primarily be designed to help the elderly, but could even serve tea to guests or take care of household chores."

Sunday, May 22

Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith

Great pace, great emotion, great visuals!
Currently it stands in my mind as the best of the 6 movies.

Tuesday, May 17

Dark Crystal Sequel Announced

SciFi Wire reports: Dark Crystal sequel announced:

"The Jim Henson Co. announced that it will produce a feature-film sequel to its 1982 fantasy film The Dark Crystal, with the working title The Power of the Dark Crystal. "

"The sequel is based on an original screenplay by Annette Duffy and David Odell, who wrote the first film. It is set many years after the events of the first movie. The Power of the Dark Crystal sees Jen and Kira as king and queen and guardians of the crystal, who fight to save their kingdom when the crystal is once again split. Incorporating a hybrid of live-action animatronic characters and computer animation, the production is expected to commence in the fall. Lisa Henson and Kristine Belson will produce, with Brian Henson, Ralph Kamp and Louise Goodsill serving as executive producers."

Wednesday, May 4

Bill Gates Envisions Cars that Can't Crash

Bill Gates Envisions Cars that Can't Crash:

"Microsoft Corp. mogul Bill Gates and the leader of Ford Motor Co. outlined a future Friday in which software enables cars to fix themselves and avoid accidents.

Gates and Bill Ford Jr., Ford's chairman and chief executive, said high-definition screens, speech recognition technology, cameras, digital calendars and navigation equipment with directions and road conditions will set car companies apart from their competitors."

Sounds like Ford have bought in Microsoft to help them to play catch-up with the Japanese car manufacturers.

Tuesday, May 3


The Independant Online reports:

"A newly discovered fragment of the oldest surviving copy of the New Testament indicates that, as far as the Antichrist goes, theologians, scholars, heavy metal groups, and television evangelists have got the wrong number. Instead of 666, it's actually the far less ominous 616.

The new fragment from the Book of Revelation, written in ancient Greek and dating from the late third century, is part of a hoard of previously unintelligible manuscripts discovered in historic dumps outside Oxyrhynchus in Egypt. Now a team of expert classicists, using new photographic techniques, are finally deciphering the original writing."

And in other news, the answer to Life, The Universe, And Everything has been recently revealed to be 41. New copies of Douglas Adam's HHGTTG will be printed to correct this problem.

Tuesday, April 19

And the tenth Doctor will be...

BBC - Press Office:

"David Tennant is confirmed as the tenth Doctor Who, it was announced today by Jane Tranter, BBC Controller of Drama Commissioning, following the recommissioning of the second series."

Saturday, April 16

Gmail adds feed reading

evhead reports that Gmail adds feed reading:

"Since I haven't seen anyone posting about this, I suppose I will. I'm guessing not many people have it yet, but there's a new feature in Gmail called Web Clips, which displays little headlines above your inbox or message and is fed via, um, feeds."

It's not enabled on my Gmail account yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

When Google Maps and a Real Estate Website are merged

Wow. Choose an American City, and a price range, to find a house for Sale or Rent, and see them all on the map. Clicking on the house on the right hand side will bring up its details as a popup over the map.

If only this service was available for Melbourne, Australia. and Google Maps, are you listening?

Thursday, April 14

Moore's Law is dead, says Gordon Moore - Moore's Law is dead, says Gordon Moore:

"The extrapolation of a trend that was becoming clear even as long ago as 1965, and has been the pulse of the IT industry ever since will eventually end, said Moore, who is now retired from Intel.

Forty years after the publication of his law, which states that transistor density on integrated circuits doubles about every two years, Moore said this morning: 'It can't continue forever. The nature of exponentials is that you push them out and eventually disaster happens.

'In terms of size [of transistor] you can see that we're approaching the size of atoms which is a fundamental barrier, but it'll be two or three generations before we get that far - but that's as far out as we've ever been able to see. We have another 10 to 20 years before we reach a fundamental limit. By then they'll be able to make bigger chips and have transistor budgets in the billions.'"

Monday, April 11

Science catches up with Sci-Fi

New Scientist Breaking News - Non-acoustic sensors detect speech without sound.

Effectively, DARPA has invented a device to detect speech through nerve and muscle activity, rather than sound.

Hitachi's Viral "Get Perpendicular" Video

Addicted to Digital Media: reports about Hitachi's Viral "Get Perpendicular" video -

"Anyone who remembers ABC's School House Rock will appreciate Hitachi's new 'Get Perpendicular' video. Hitachi has a great new HD disk storage that has the promise of increasing HD capacity 10x. This video explains how in terms that even my mother would understand. Kudos to Hitachi for trying something old, and adding a little bit new ;)"

Wednesday, April 6

ABC grabs Dr Who series for screening in May

The Australian: ABC grabs Dr Who series [April 06, 2005]:

"DOCTOR Who fans have cause for celebration after the ABC snapped up the rights to the new series of the hit British sci-fi show.

The broadcaster today announced it would screen the latest series of the popular program from mid May."

Thursday, March 31

Windows 2003 SP1 is out

Windows 2003 SP1 is out.

If you run Windows 2k3, get it from Windows Update or from this link

Faster Web with Google

Google Blog: "Now Google's faster than ever on Firefox and Mozilla browsers. When you do a search on these browsers, we instruct them to download your top search result in advance, so if you click on it, you'll get to that page even more quickly. "

Google will only tell the browser to prefetch the page if their algorithms give the page a high probability of it being the page you want.

Friday, March 25

Doctor Who leak suspect is sacked

BBC News reports that the person who leaked the new Dr Who episode, "Rose", onto the internet on the 7th March has been tracked down and sacked.

He was from a "third-party company in Canada", who had an early preview copy.

"BBC Worldwide is considering further legal remedies and takes extremely seriously any unlawful copying or misuse of its copyright material."

Tuesday, March 22

Benioff and Weiss To Write Ender's Game Script

Slashdot reports that Benioff and Weiss are to write the Ender's Game Script.

From a comment on the story:

"I saw OSC at a book signing last Tuesday (Mar 15, 2005), and he had a few things to say in regards to the movie:

1. He was pleased with the selection of Benioff and Weiss due to their past performance on pictures such as Troy and 25th Hour.

2. The actors to play both Ender and Bean have, in his words 'probably been born', but as of this moment are not old enough to really be on the radar.

3. Currently Wolfgang Peterson is slated to direct, and is happy and supportive of the project.

4. There is a specific clause in the contract to not change the ages of the characters, as this would shift the dynamic of the story in a direction that it should not go.

5. The main reason for combining Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow is so that a good deal of Ender's emotions (which, for those who have read Ender's Game, is a good deal of the book) will be able to be externalized, or become available to the the viewer."

original news item here.

Friday, March 11



Type in a google image search and it creates a nice montage from the search results.

And while talking about google, google desktop search has now left Beta, with version 1.0 supporting Firefox and having a taskbar search box option.

Tuesday, January 11

Google Groups 20 Year Usenet Timeline

Google has put up a 20 Year Usenet Timeline, showing the first posts on various topics, including:

I'm looking for a search engine which probably does not exist, but
I would like advice from those more knowledgable about text retrieval
systems. It is a text retrieval system optimized for literary-critical
and linguistic study. The major requirements for the search engine are
as follows:

(1) Literary texts should be "understood" by the system in terms of the
individual document structure, as indicated by markup elements.