Thursday, December 23

Chronology of a Car Recall

I found details of the recent recall for the Lexus RX 330 and the 2004 Prius, which is due to the corrosion of a switch used for the Brake Lights.

Page 3 of the PDF has a chronology of events. It turns out the corrosion only happens when a) The switch is used with LED Lights, not Incandescent Bulbs b) volatile Silicone is in the air (as used in the production of the seats). Thus their recall is only for their 2 models that use LED brake lights, rather than all cars that use the switch.

I havn't received a letter from Toyota yet, though my car is in the affected date range.

Sunday, December 12

I've got a suggestion

From the Google Blog, another new Google feature:

"Today we launched Google Suggest, a new Labs project that provides you with search suggestions, in real time, while you type. We've found that Google Suggest not only makes it easier to type in your favorite searches (let's face it -- we're all a little lazy), but also gives you a playground to explore what others are searching about, and learn about things you haven't dreamt of. Go ahead, give it a spin. "

It seems to work quite nicely. Start typing your search terms and see the most popular similar search terms appear to help you along, including further keywords to add to what you have typed.