Thursday, October 28

Ultraviolet rip-off due August 2005

Kurt Wimmer, of Equilibrium and The Thomas Crown Affair (screenplay) fame, is in the process of ripping off a brilliant british miniseries by Joe Ahearne, Ultraviolet (1998). This movie version of the miniseries is still about vampires, with what sounds like similar vampire theories.

The original series had very good performances by Jack Davenport, and Australian Philip Quast (also in Sons and Daughters and Play School during the early 80s).

The word 'vampire' was never used in the original series. They were instead referred to as "Code 5's" or "leeches".

Wednesday, October 27

Hypo-Allergenic Cats Now Available for Pre-Order

Slashdot reports that Hypo-Allergenic Cats are now available for pre-order: "Allerca Inc is now taking reservations for genetically engineered hypo-allergenic cats"

And a press release also

Thursday, October 21

419ers take Aussie financial advisor for AU$1m

SecurityFocus HOME News: 419ers take Aussie financial advisor for AU$1m

Robert Andrew Street, 58, fell for the classic 419 scam (aka Nigerian Scam). He stole $1m for his clients and deposited it into their bank account.

I didn't realize anyone actually fell for that scam! Atleast we will now hopefully have one less person spamming, due to the scamee's retirement as a millionaire. Who said Spam doesn't pay?

Nissan Tests Smart Hybrid Vehicle

Nissan Tests Smart Hybrid Vehicle: "Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. says it has cracked the code to developing a smart hybrid electric vehicle control system, employing the navigation system to optimize the battery 'state of charge' and improve fuel economy in its prototype hybrid.
Using a Tino hybrid vehicle, Nissan engineers plugged data from the vehicle's navigation system - including real-time traffic data from Japan's Vehicle Information and Communication System (VICS) - to determine the topographical layout of the road, as well as traffic flow.
The data compiled by the navigation unit and sent to the powertrain control system includes: road classification (whether it is an expressway, 2-lane, etc.), congestion level (as determined by the data supplied by VICS), road grade and exact distance of section of road measured.
The data was used to provide precise control of the vehicle's powertrain control system, which adjusted the use of the engine and electrical power depending on traffic and road conditions."

They showed a 0.5% improvement in congested freeway conditions, but showed a 7.8% imporvement on a 22km downhill route and a 3.5% improvement in hill driving. Ie. This system is usefull for optimizing country driving a bit more. The current system is already well tuned for congested traffic.

Toyota and Nissan have had a long-term agreement on hybrid systems that includes two-way technical cooperation and the use of Toyota components by Nissan.

Maps: Coming to A Windshield Near You

Maps: Coming to A Windshield Near You: "When the next generation of automotive navigation systems arrive, Denso Corp. expects the display to redefine the 'human machine interface'.
Today's onboard navigation systems generally appear on a color screen embedded in the instrument panel, as part of the center console. Denso is one of many suppliers of the current-generation systems.
Within five years, Japan's No.1 supplier expects its navigation displays to be projected on to the windshield, in front of the driver."

Denso is the supplier of Satelite Navigation Units in Australia for Toyota, Lexus, Ford and Jaguar.

Tuesday, October 19

ROTK - new trailers for download

The Official Lord of the Rings website has a new trailer for download for the Return of the King Special Extended DVD, which is being released on December 14th.

Gmail Begins Signing Email with DomainKeys

Slashdot reports that Gmail has begun Signing all outgoing Email with DomainKeys.

DomainKeys is Yahoo's Antispam technology to verify that the e-mail comes from who it says it comes from.

Yahoo have been working to integrate DomainKeys into Sendmail, a common Unix MTA.

Star Wars: The Changes

DVDAnswers has a very good comparison between the Star Wars DVD and VHS releases.

They have screenshots and commentry comparing the 1977/1980/1983 original release with the VHS Special Edition and the DVD Releases, as well as comparing some of the Audio changes that have been made and talk about the scenes that have been added.

Thursday, October 14

Google Adsense

I've decided to give Google Adsense a go on my blog. Hopefully the positioning that I've chosen isn't too intrusive.

I get a small amount of money whenever anyone clicks on the ads, either on my page, or on the search page if you use the search button that I placed on the page. The ads are supposed to be vaguely related to the items on the page, as updated regularly by their search engine.

Tuesday, October 5

He-Man movie

Sci Fi Wire reports that John Woo is set to product and direct a new live-action file based on the Masters of the Universe toys - "He-Man".

He is also going to be making "Spy Hunter" - remember that computer game on the C64 with the Peter Gunn theme?