Wednesday, September 29

Star Wars Music Altered for the New DVD Release

Star Wars Music Altered for the New DVD Release.

Apparently there are a few flaws in the way the music has been mastered for the new DVD release on A New Hope. The music on the surround speakers has been flipped left/right, so that eg. a violin might come from the front right and rear left speakers, rather than the front right and rear right.

There is also an issue with the music during the first dive to attack the Death Star, whereby the music is not audiable from the front speakers, therefore making it practically inaudiable for about 15 seconds, instead of the strong Force theme music that used to exist there.

Lucasfilm deny it is a problem and claim that it is a creative decision.

Monday, September 27

NASA World Wind

NASA World Wind "allows any user to zoom from satellite altute into any place on the Earth".

It puts together data from a number of different sources to bring together a 3D view of the world down to the street level. (15 meters per pixel).

It also has state borders, and can get daily updated information about floods, dust storms, volcano's, etc to display on the globe.

The download is quite large, sitting at around 250MB.

The Lord of the Rings DVD Special Extended Version DVD News

The Lord of the Rings DVD Special Extended Version DVD has been announced.

Features include 50 minutes of extra footage, with the now 250 minute feature spread over 2 DVD's.
Plus 3 DVD's of "Appendices", various documentaries.

Sunday, September 12

Mushroom Cloud Reported in N. Korea

Blast, Mushroom Cloud Reported in N. Korea: "'We understand that a mushroom-shaped cloud about 2.2 miles to 2.5 miles in diameter was monitored during the explosion,'"

But no-one has yet confirmed that it is a nuclear blast. What other explosions are big enough to create a mushroom cloud 2.2 miles in diameter?

The explosion happened last Thursday, but was only reported in the news today, 3 days later.

Saturday, September 11

Pictures from Coffs Harbour Holiday 2004

Coffs Harbour Holiday 2004

We drove in my Prius upto Coffs Harbour via Ballarat and Dubbo.
The way back, we had a quick stop at Forster, which was a cute litte town, where we got very nice and filling Mexican food (see image 22), then spent a couple of nights at Polkobin in the Hunter Valley. We stayed toured a number of wineries and filled up the already full boot waith 3 dozen bottles of wine.

Next stop was Jervis bay, where we intended to stay 2 nights, but after not liking the atmosphere of the place we were staying, we decided to move on, and made a dash for Lakes Entrance. We had lunch at the Bega Cheese Factory, and made it to a motel as the sun was setting. We only spent one night there, and walked the beach track upto the entrance and back along the bushland track(5km), before driving back to Melbourne.

Fuel stops were at:

LocationODO (km)DistanceLitresComments
Chadstone2281fill up before leaving
Numurkah2723442km21.67L(we suspect bad petrol from here)
Coffs Harbour4173358km16.11L

Total of 3556km, 180.12L -- 5.06L/100km
Fuel efficiency when we don't include the suspect fuel from the Numurkah tank was: 4.67L/100km.

Friday, September 10

Details of changes to Star Wars DVD's

Sci Fi Wire reports on the changes made to Star Wars for their upcoming release on DVD.

Most (but not all) of the changes are to scenes that had already been modified for the 1997 "special edition" release.