Saturday, August 7

BonFire & Cocktail Party Photos

Here are some photos from a BonFire that I went to the other day. The local fire authorities were warned, and the CFA's local Deputy Group Office was in attendance.

The initial wood pile was about 5 meters by 7 meters and about 2 meters high. It included some very large diameter pieces in the middle. It was the remains of 3 large cyprus trees that had to be cut down last year. The fire was spectacular and very hot (Pay attention in the photos to how many people are standing close to the fire by 'image30').

I also have some photos taken by a friend at a cocktail party that I had last month. I've placed them up almost unedited.


Anonymous said...

Great party

David Golding said...

Links no work for me :-(

sauhsoj said...

Sorry, links are down at the moment due to major server issues. I hope to get things working again this week.

sauhsoj said...

Links should be back now.