Tuesday, August 24

Lucas to make more Star Wars

Lucas to make more Star Wars?: "Star Wars creator George Lucas could be poised to make three sequels to the original space opera trilogy, according to insiders at Lucasfilm. According to fan site Theforce.net, employees at Lucas's company Industrial Light and Magic have all been made to sign non-disclosure agreements to promise not to talk about the possibility of episode's seven, eight and nine being made.
Now industry insiders are predicting the director will make the follow-ups, which pick up where 1983's Return of the Jedi left off, despite insisting he would never be lured into filming them.
A posting on the site says, You didn't hear this from me, but you might be curious as to why everyone at ILM just signed NDA's saying that they will not discuss Star Wars episodes 7, 8, or 9. Since they're not being made, why the NDA's. Of course, since when has Lucas been consistent"

Tuesday, August 17

Bad Optimus

Bad Optimus - a page dedicated to the most atrocious Optimus Prime outfits that Google Image Search can find.

This page starts off with some bad Optimus Prime outfits, but works its way up to some really good costumes.

Sunday, August 8

Ford Launches First American Hybrid

Slashdot Reports that Ford has launched the first american hybrid-electric car.

This car is using Toyota's old, first generation hybrid technology. Toyotas current hybrids are using their second generation technology.
(Toyotas current hybrids include the Prius and Lexis RX400h. Upcoming is the Lexus RX330 and Toyota Highlander)

Saturday, August 7

BonFire & Cocktail Party Photos

Here are some photos from a BonFire that I went to the other day. The local fire authorities were warned, and the CFA's local Deputy Group Office was in attendance.

The initial wood pile was about 5 meters by 7 meters and about 2 meters high. It included some very large diameter pieces in the middle. It was the remains of 3 large cyprus trees that had to be cut down last year. The fire was spectacular and very hot (Pay attention in the photos to how many people are standing close to the fire by 'image30').

I also have some photos taken by a friend at a cocktail party that I had last month. I've placed them up almost unedited.