Wednesday, July 28

IceTV -- Tivo for Australia

IceTV - a TiVo like recorder for Australia.

The service will reduce the volume for commercials while watching, or remove the commercials entirely from recorded programs and automatically record the programs that you like to its internal storage.

They have patents in removing TV commercials and "removing the guesswork from programming recordings". This probably means you select the program on a menu from a TV-Guide list.

They are licensing their technology to producers of PVRs to bring a variety of products with different sets of features.

Stay tuned for a product near you.

Sunday, July 25

Traffic Control of the Future

Slashdot reports - Traffic Control of the Future:

"... designed an automated system where cars reserve a time to pass through an intersection as they approach it and are then sped up or slowed down to ensure their arrival at exactly the right time. This allows traffic to enter the intersection from all directions simultaneously, eliminating the need for traffic lights and considerably reducing delays caused by stopping traffic. On their website, you can find Java applet simulations to illustrate the system. "

Scary stuff. Who wants to be involved in the "human trials" of this technology?

Saturday, July 24

Jerry Goldsmith dead

Sci Fi Wire reports:

"Academy Award-winning composer Jerry Goldsmith has died at age 75, according to the Associated Press. The prolific composer, whose career spanned nearly 50 years, died in his sleep July 21 following a long battle with cancer."

Thursday, July 15

Doom III - Friday 13th August

Slashdot reports: Doom 3 Reaches Gold Master.
This long awaited game is going to be released in Australia on Friday August 13.

Wednesday, July 14

On Earth's Magnetic Flip-Flop

Slashdot reports on the The New York Times report On Earth's Magnetic Flip-Flop.


"Computer simulations suggest that the current state of the magnetic field is indicative of an upcoming flip. Though it would take hundreds of years to complete..."

Saturday, July 10

Next Star Trek Movie To Deal With Romulan Wars?

TrekToday Reports on some supposedly leaked information that the next Star Trek film we be based on the Romulan Wars, which led to the creation of the Federation that we see in Classic and Next Gen Star Trek.

Previous bits of information had said that the film was going to be set before Kirks time, but will not be based on Star Trek Enterprise.