Tuesday, June 22

New HHGTTG Radio Show Gets Douglas Adams' Voice

Slashdot | New HHGTTG Radio Show Gets Douglas Adams' Voice -
Douglas Adams "always intended to play the part of Agrajag and recorded himself in the part a few years ago." So they are using those recordings for the radio adaptions of the last three books.

Friday, June 18

A Scanner Darkly Film Adaptation

Philip K. Dick - A Scanner Darkly Film Adaptation:
"Like a graphic novel come to life, A Scanner Darkly will utilize live action photography overlaid with an advanced animation process to create a haunting, highly stylized vision of the future. The technology was first employed in Linklater's 2001 film Waking Life and has evolved to produce even more impact and detail.

We all hope that when this project is completed and fans watch this film, they will feel that the interpretation reflects the true spirit of the original story, and also know that the genesis of the project is the love and respect for Philip K. Dick."

Wednesday, June 16

HD DVD-ROM Spec Approved

DVD Forum Steering Committee meeting, (June 9/10, 2004): "HD DVD-ROM Physical Specifications ver.1.0 - approved"

More info at ExtremeTech.

This is the 15Gb/30Gb format that is going to be competing against the Blu-Ray format (27Gb/54Gb).

Monday, June 14

Brenda Archer and the meteorite

STUFF reports on a metorite in NZ: "American collectors with open chequebooks are expected in New Zealand within days to bid for the 1.3kg meteorite which exploded through the roof of an Auckland house yesterday. "

Wednesday, June 9

Carbon NanoTube Memory

This PDF press release is the announcement by Nantero, that they are teaming up with LSI Logic to start producing Carbon Nanotube based CMOS non-volatile storage.

This memory would be marketed initially at manufacturers of PDA's, Digital Cameras, MP3 players and Mobile Phones.

Sunday, June 6

Forgot your Password?

Slashdot | Using a Password One Doesn't Consciously Remember.

Visual recognition of passwords, with pictures designed so you can't easily describe them, but you can recognise them.

Tuesday, June 1

Dressman - The Ironing Robot

Dressman - the ironing robot. Much more usefull than a vacuuming robot.

Though not fully automated, it is automated enough to take the chore out of ironing. Simply place the (wet) shirt over the 'robot' and press a button. Wait 5 minutes and it will dry the shirt wrinkle free.