Tuesday, May 11

Google's Gmail Beta

Extreme Tech has written quite a good review of Google's Gmail Beta.

I'm finding Gmail quite nice to use. The labels and archive features are very nice to use, and the speed of the service is excellent compared to Hotmail.

The auto-refreshing of the mail folders is also usefull. I'm leaving my browser window minimized on my desktop, and I can just quickly pop up the screen to see if there's new mail and minimize again if there isn't. None of the 10 second delays that you get with hotmail when trying to do the same thing.

The addition of a windows tray-icon new mail notifier would be nice, but given the auto-refreshing, isn't really required.


sauhsoj said...

Testing the new comment system.

Andrew said...

got any invites if you do email me andrew_schnarr@hotmail.com