Friday, May 14

Designer Virus Stalks HIV

Wired News reports on a Designer Virus to cure HIV:

It took Adam Arkin and David Schaffer just $200,000 and a grad student to develop a potential treatment for AIDS. And that scares them.
That's because the therapy itself is a virus. The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory assistant professors created a virus altered to latch onto HIV and mute its ability to become AIDS. They've tested the theory in a computer model and in cells in a dish. The results have been promising, and if they continue in that vein, the researchers could begin animal testing by the end of this year.

This looks more promising that a pill that is being trialed that will stop people from becoming HIV infected.


David Golding said...

About as promising as a cane toad!

sauhsoj said...

Lets make the assumption that they engineer the virus such that
a) it can't spread from the host thats given it
b) it will die out naturally in the body over a short (weeks) period of time.

I believe some of the anti-cancer viruses that they are using fit this description.