Monday, March 29

Music industry way off track with song and dance about falling sales

ARIA has been covering up about the rising music sales. They mention in their press releases about falling CD single sales and the rise in DVD music sales, but they don't mention that it was the industry's best year ever.

The Sydney Morning Herald has a thing or two to say about that....

Friday, March 26

Concrete casts new light in dull rooms

Light Transmitting Concrete. Could be a good idea for some internal walls, to give a house a more open and lighter look.
Privacy might be an issue for external walls.

Wednesday, March 24

The Arrival of Nanotech Memories

The Arrival of Nanotech Memories

Audio Format Shifting To Be OK'd In New Zealand

Slashdot | Audio Format Shifting To Be OK'd In New Zealand.
New Zealand government is going to make it clearly legal to transfer tracks from commercial CD's to a mix-CD, PC, PDA, etc, for personal use. (As long as you own the original CD).

Monday, March 22

So Who...

Alden Bates - So...: "Now we have a new Doctor Who.

For those who weren't around when the original series was in production, the usual procedure is this:"...

Of course everyone knows Who the new doctor is and what he's done...


Datadocktor'n and his guide to hardwaredefragmentation, so you can defragment your 'motherdisc'.

Toshiba unveils wearable concepts at CeBIT 2004

Toshiba unveils wearable concepts at CeBIT 2004 including a fully featured wristwatch PDA. All the concepts feature Toshiba's new 0.85 inch HDD.

BBC News has an alternative picture of the wristwatch PDA.

But then again some people on slashdot have more practicle ideas.

Sunday, March 21

Firefly DVD's inspire web comic

PvP online has a series of comics inspired by the author recently watching Firefly on DVD.

Friday, March 19

UFO streaks through Martian sky

UFO streaks through Martian sky. Caught on Camera.

Spielberg and Cruise plan new War of Worlds movie

Spielberg and Cruise plan new War of Worlds: "Spielberg became interested in making a version of the story during the 1990s, but instead of becoming a straight adaptation that project evolved into the film Deep Impact. "

Filming to start next year, for a 2006 release.

Thursday, March 18

SCI FI Greenlights 'Earthsea' for Production in New Zealand

SCI FI Channel Greenlights 'Earthsea' for Production in New Zealand: "SCI FI Channel, the largest provider of original movies and miniseries on television, announces production start on Ursula K. Le Guin's Earthsea. Produced by Hallmark Entertainment in association with Bender-Brown Productions, this four-hour miniseries epic will begin principle photography this spring in New Zealand."

The same people that made the Dune and Children of Dune miniseries.

Monday, March 15

Aussie cracker faces extradition reports in a slightly missleading way about an Aussie who is currently in the courts defending his extradition to the US.

Raymond Griffiths was allegedly a member of the warez group "Drink Or Die" (DOD). He was raided by the Australian Federal Police a couple of years ago, but they couldn't lay any charges under Australian Law, so the US wants to prosecute him, even though he has never set foot in the US.

This will be a big test case for International Laws and the Internet. Do US laws rule around the world? We'll find out in 2 weeks.

It's another world . . . but is it our 10th planet?

The Australian reports: It's another world . . . but is it our 10th planet?

NASA has provisionally named it Sedna. It is located 10 billion km further out from the sun than earth, 3 billion km further out than Pluto.

Friday, March 12

XML Feed

I've turned on the Full XML Feed option, for people that use blog readers to read all their blogs.
The XML Feed is available here

Thursday, March 11

The Rainbow Plucking Orgy

The Rainbow Plucking Orgy - A shortish clip from a childrens TV show in the 70s.

Turbo Codes

IEEE Feature Article on Turbo Codes - a coding scheme that was invented in 1991, and is now becoming more popular, that allows transmissions at 0.5db from Shannons Limit, almost double the efficiency of other existing coding schemes.

Monday, March 1

'Lord of the Rings' Sweeps Oscars

Lord of the Oscars - Jackson Returns as the King!

Return of the King won 11 out of the 11 Oscar categories it was nominated for, including Best Picture and Best Director.


Genetics has the answer to pain.... and when you grow up without those nerve endings, you can scratch your eyes out, bite off your tongue, and burn yourself.