Friday, January 30

Nit-Pickers Guide to The Lord of the Rings

Nit-Pickers Guide to The Lord of the Rings - quite a detailed analysis of the things that Jackson changed from the original book. Includes Page number references (and a conversion table for page numbers in different printings of the book). Quite a good list.

It intentionally ignores major ommisions such as Tom Bombadil, but goes into nice detail for everything else.

Thursday, January 29


"And the URL for the photo gallery from the Pirate Party is......" <static noise>

"We're sorry, this transmission has been interrupted so that we can bring you the time. The time on the third beep will be twelve nineteen am. Beep. Beep. Beep"

Wednesday, January 28


Aresa Biodetection is a company that is producing plants that can detect landmines. The flowers change colour at the presence of small amounts of chemicals associated with landmines.

"Hey man, don't walk too close to those purple poppies! They'll blow you away!"

Tuesday, January 27

Surprise, Surprise

Apparently eating McDonalds food is bad for you, especially if eaten 3 meals a day for 30 days, according to the person who made the film "Super Size Me".

Friday, January 23

Doom Bolt

High-speed photography - firing a bolt at high velocity through food and watching it explode.

Tuesday, January 20

NASA Is Not Altering Mars Colors.

NASA Is Not Altering Mars Colors. Well, we already knew that, but the conspiracy theorists didn't.

The article is very informative and interesting for anyone wanting to know how digital cameras work, and how the digital camera on the Mars Spirit Rover is calibrated diffferently to standard consumer cameras. It also goes into a lot of detail on color processing for digital images. (The details of the article are at the bottom in the comments section. The top part is just an introduction).

Monday, January 19

"Inedible" Slime Recipes

"Inedible" Slime Recipes... mmm... inedible slime. Is there anything it can't do?

Sunday, January 18

weebls stuff

So you liked Badger Badger Badger?

If so, then consider checking out this "special edition of badgers".

And you also liked The Two Towers, yes?
See a trailer for the Badger Special Edition of The Two Towers. See the film the way it was meant to be, All Badger Scenes Fully Restored.

Friday, January 16

BBC finds missing Dalek episode

The BBC has found another missing Dalek episode: "The episode of The Daleks' Master Plan, from 1965, was returned by Francis Watson - who worked at the BBC when episodes were thrown out to make space."

The last episode they found was in 1999.

Big Brother is watching your cars

In the UK, the are setting up a big wireless network, initially to monitor all cars speeds and location everywhere in the UK. This also sets up the biggest data network anywhere, and will probably lead to many people in the UK getting a better internet connection via this network than would be otherwise available (especially in country towns).

So, Big Brother is watching your Cars, but he'll give you good internet access in exchange.

Thursday, January 15

Real Cross-breed Animals

Real Cross-breed Animals, including a Cama, the crossbreed for a Llama and a Camel.

But thats nothing compared to a naturally born one eyed goat.


"1 terabyte should be enough for anyone" - Anonymous

"640k should be enough for anyone" - Bill Gates

Firefly Movie News reports: "The DVDs are 'doing really well'! And 'official' movie news should be coming soon!

From Chris Buchanan (President of Mutant Enemy):
We are getting pretty close on the movie and hopefully we'll have some 'official' news soon. It seems that the DVDs are doing really well (e.g. better than Fox anticipated) and that there have been significant re-orders (an unusual thing for this type of program). Of course, we weren't that surprised but what can you do.

We really appreciate all of the fan efforts on the show's behalf and I am personally helping out on the DVDs to soldiers� project. So just tell everybody and thanks for all their efforts. I read the boards daily and all of the great local input (where the DVDs are sold out, what the reviewers are saying about the set, etc.) is always helpful.

Universal seems to be willing to make the movie (crossing fingers, touching wood, lighting candles), but we still have a few (non-creative) hurdles to cross."

Wednesday, January 14

Look at those styles!

retroCRUSH: the world's finest pop culture and Leo Sayer website.

The current feature article is "The 80s Makeup Massacre", a review of a 1985 book on makeup, but the site features many reviews of all things retro and also has a feature section of retro celebrities (such as 80s pictures of Nicole Kidman), or read about MR T's Erotic Butter Tricks.

Been Naughty?

The fill out a Citizen's Self-Arrest Form.

Sunday, January 4

I want to see That Movie!

Bureau 42's list of Movies being released in 2004....

Included are a new Kevin Smith movie, Jersey Girl, a few epic tales, including Troy and King Arthur, and some classic Asimov Science Fiction, with I, Robot.

Others to look out for are Thunderbirds (The puppet classic), A Sound of Thunder (Time Travel) and Van Helsing (Another Dracula Movie).

Should be a fun year at the movies, even without a Star Wars or Lord of the Rings film.

Comet Pictures Pt 1

Image Display: "NASA released a high-resolution black and white image of Comet Wild 2 captured by Stardust's navigation camera during the encounter."

More images to come when the color images and other data from the probe are downloaded later today.

More information and pictures are available on NASA's Stardust Site.