Thursday, November 27

Docker Magnetic Wireless Headset Reviews the Docker Magnetic Wireless Headset.

I'm still on my quest to find a good wireless headset for my mobile phone. None of the bluetooth headsets are up to scratch, with sound quality issues and feature issues (like not being able to play music through them).

This Magnetic Wireless Headset seems to do all the things that I would want from a headset. It is small, has about a 16-20 hour talktime from 1 AA battery, is compatible with most phones (the miniature docking station plugs into the phone via the 2.5mm headset jack).
From the review, the sound quality is just as good as most of the wired headsets available. This is good news.
I havn't seen any of these at the shops yet, and there was no mention of price in the article, but futher research yields a price of US$75. This is extremely reasonable for this type of device. (The bluetooth headsets were approximately US$400!) I could purchase it from the US at TAG Accessories, but I am probably much better off waiting for it to come out in Australia.

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