Tuesday, November 4

Cup Day Travels

I went on a nice day-trip today with a few friends. We did a short (couple of hour :) drive down to Colac first, where we stopped at the Visitor Information desk to pick up more detailed instructions on how to get to our next destination, then had a nice relaxed picnic lunch by Lake Colac.

We then proceeded with the next leg of our journey, down to the Otway Fly Treetop Walk, which was quite fun. The treetop part of the walk is only 600m, which was quite long enough. It started with a downhill walk through some rainforest, with numbered notes spaced nicely along the way. Eventually the track reaches the treetop bit, which involves walking forwards, as they placed it on the edge of a hill. The platform was very steady, only moving slightly when a number of people were walking along a section of the platform at a time, or when the wind blew strongly. The railings were also very high, giving a sense of security.
Given the perfect weather (about 23 and Fine), the walk was very enjoyable, with good scenery and a leaflet with notes to follow along with things that we are seeing.

I went home with one companion via the great ocean road. The other four people needed to get back to melbourne in a timely manner or did not want to go the extra distance, so went the quicker route via Colac in the second car. We stopped by an almost deserted beach (except for the 4 people fishing 100m further down) for a while, got our feet wet, then moved along for the long windy trip that is the Great Ocean Road. We drove relatively slowly, as my companion was feeling a bit carsick, and eventually stopped in Torquay for a Pizza dinner, before driving the rest of the way home.

All in all, it was a very nice day out, that I will have to repeat (to different destinations) a few more times over the course of this upcoming summer.

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