Monday, November 10

Alias the Jester

How many of you remember that little show that they used to put between other childrens shows to fill in the short gaps?

Alias the Jester: "Alias, as the theme song tells us, was a
time-traveller whose ship developed a fault and deposited him in Britain in the Middle Ages. He is befriended by Meredith, wizard to King Arthur, who gets him a job as the Royal Jester. When danger threatens, Alias, along with his pet Boswell, leap into action to save the day."

And thus a new breed of Sci-Fi and Medeival liking kids were born.
Theme music can be found on this site.

And thats your 80's cartoon link for the day. The show only ran for 13 episodes of 10 minutes each. It won BAFTA Best Short Animated Film in 1986.

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