Wednesday, October 8

Nooooooooo! Please press OK to continue.

What happens when microsoft looses a law suit: "In Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6 SP1b, the behavior of Internet Explorer has changed for certain Microsoft ActiveX® controls. Internet Explorer 6 SP1b prompts the user to determine whether a control is loaded or whether to display alternate content. This topic describes the changed behavior and how to provide the intended user experience for users of your ActiveX controls."

Microsoft lost their case against a patent which covers seamless loading of controls to handle playing of remote multimedia data. (This includes Java Applets as well as ActiveX Objects).
After applying Service Pack 1b for IE, users will get a dialog saying "Press OK to continue loading the content on this page" for each control that uses remote data.

And don't laugh if you are using a browser other than IE (such as Mozilla). The Patent applies to them also, so they will need to change their behaviour in similar ways.

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