Wednesday, October 8

Interview with Neal Stephenson

The Source of the Modern World - An interview with Neal Stephenson: "Many of the great minds in your book -- Hooke, Newton, Leibniz, etc. -- were, to put it mildly, kind of weird. But they were brilliant. I've heard a lot of people say that Richard Feynman would be too unconventional to get, or keep, a faculty position today. What about people like Newton, who was much odder? Are we sidelining our geniuses today?"

Neal Stephenson has written some very good books, including "The Diamond Age: A Young Ladys Illustrate Primer", and "Snowcrash", and for people who like lots of thought in their novels, "Cryptonomicon" is a good read, full of twisted subplots in a WW2 setting.

He has recently released a new book called "Quicksilver", hence why people are interviewing him. :)

He has a Metaweb Wiki page also.

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