Saturday, September 27

Orson Scott Card - Part 2

MP3s Are Not the Devil - Part 2. Orson Scott Card covers such topics as "How to Teach your Customers to Hate You" and "Clean up your own act first". He also briefly mentions his views on Drugs and Pornography.

Orson Scott Card, besides being a supporter of Internet File Sharing, is also a very good author. I just finished his book "Enders Shadow", which is a very good partner book to his original classic, "Enders Game". This book runs in parallel to Enders Game, but from the viewpoint of one of the minor characters from the first book. It is written to be read either independantly or in any order with Enders Game, and I think he has succeeded. The book was very gripping. I found it hard to put down. This book made me almost stay on the train rather than put down the book and get off at my station, on a couple of occasions. The storyline and characters are well written as is the not-so-distant future storyline.

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