Wednesday, September 10

David Bowie "Concert"


  • 30 Minute wait, as the tickets said 8:30pm, but the show started at 9pm

  • Brief (5 second) introduction by Sony representative

  • Brief introduction by Richard Wilkins

  • Pre-recorded concert from the previous day in England, where they did the full thing live

  • Live Interview, complete with Echos as the presenter in each Asia/Pacific country asked their questions

  • Pre-recorded Encore, based on the songs voted for on

It is a good concept, but requires some work to bring the audience into it more. I can see them doing more of this type of thing in the future. Especially as Digital Projects become more common, and as data bandwidth becomes cheaper.

There were serious problems with the audio, ranging from a 50hz hum throughout the performance, to the bad mixing of the performance (especially for the first few songs). There were times when some instruments sounded clear and loud, while other instruments and the vocals were distant and muffled.

The crowd didn't really get into the performance much, though it sounded like the sydney crowd which had the presenter standing in front of them during the introduction and interviews, might have.

It was an enjoyable concert, but the format requires a fair bit of work. I would also have preferred to get up at 5am and see a real live performance, than see this 'delayed live' performance.

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