Monday, September 1

Bizarre Conversations

From: aknyra
To: sauhsoj
Subject: bizarre conversations
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2003 18:09:27 +1000 (EST)

"Hello can I speak to Joshua Samuel?"
"He's not home."
"Oh, can I ask if he's from India?"
"Is he from India?"
"Oh, ok, thank you."

A friends, friends, ex-girlfirends, ex-boyfriend, who is a bit crazy, rang my friend the other day with a prepared speech something along the lines of:
Crazy: "You have been a significant influence...."
Friend:"Who are you?"
(they had never met and my friend didn't even know this guys name).

So lets add to the craziness.
We were theorising at a cafe, that it is this guy who wrang. He had somehow heard a story about me through the chain of chineese whispers and thought that I was a significant person in this girls life aswell and decided to call me. (I've met her once, and wouldn't recognise her if I bumped into her in the street).
He must have gotten my number by looking up the whitepages online.
It's a shame I wasn't home to answer it. I could have had all sorts of fun not answering this persons questions.

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