Sunday, September 28

Star Trek:TNG - The Borg Cube Box Set

Article on

"Paramount have just sent us full details of their November 3rd release of The Borg Megacube. This set will include every single episode from all seven seasons of the highly acclaimed Sci Fi TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation. Containing no less than 48 DVDs and boasting a £449.99 RRP, this could be the largest and most expensive commercial DVD box set released to date."

The article then goes on to talk about the limited edition set. They are making only 1000 of them. The box set is in the shape of a borg cupe, and includes a star-trek next gen Clock.

Looks nice....

Saturday, September 27

Orson Scott Card - Part 2

MP3s Are Not the Devil - Part 2. Orson Scott Card covers such topics as "How to Teach your Customers to Hate You" and "Clean up your own act first". He also briefly mentions his views on Drugs and Pornography.

Orson Scott Card, besides being a supporter of Internet File Sharing, is also a very good author. I just finished his book "Enders Shadow", which is a very good partner book to his original classic, "Enders Game". This book runs in parallel to Enders Game, but from the viewpoint of one of the minor characters from the first book. It is written to be read either independantly or in any order with Enders Game, and I think he has succeeded. The book was very gripping. I found it hard to put down. This book made me almost stay on the train rather than put down the book and get off at my station, on a couple of occasions. The storyline and characters are well written as is the not-so-distant future storyline.


Digital Photography Community: Digital Camera Forum and Photography Contests - This site has a photo of the day competition. All photos taken with digital cameras. There are some nice photos. The judges seem to select well.

Thursday, September 25

Marilyn Manson Exposed

Marilyn Manson Exposed: A page full of early pics of Manson and his band members. See Manson with a Mullet!

And while I'm posting links to bad pics - How about some sad Star Trek Fan Art?

Wednesday, September 24

The Australian: Warning on ice cube enemas

The Australian, this afternoon, issued a Warning on ice cube enemas: "'The sight of the incapacitated person with their pants around their ankles having people inserting ice cubes is beyond humiliating and potentially dangerous.
'Some of the people doing this should know better and should not pretend to be trained medical professionals.'"

Apparently people have been treating overdoses of GHB with Ice Cube Enemas, based on some urban myth that it would help.

The Story of 42 Below

A funny little flash story of 42 Below Vodka ("made in Sydney, New Zealand, by Russel Crowe").

IT Horoscopes for September 2003

Career horoscopes for geeks...

Tuesday, September 23

Cat Parasite Causes Changes in Human Behaviour

I read an article in MX Magazine last night about how a Parasite from cats can cause changes in human behaviour.

This site has the abstract of one of the papers written about the topic. Given that between 20% and 80% (depending on country) of the population are infected with this parasite, the results are a bit alarming! (Especially for Men, where all the effects are negative). Following the Related Articles, I also found this paper that suggests there is a link between the parasite and Schizophrenia.

This over-simplified article gives a very rough idea of the issue.

Monday, September 22

Friday, September 19

Kill Bill

Kill Bill, Quentin Tararantino's 4th (and 5th) Film, looks quite good from the trailer on apple's quicktime site.

It seems to be all the rage at the moment to split films into multiple segments. This one has the first part coming out in the US in October, and the next part isn't until February 2004. The movie stars Uma Thurman with a Samurai Sword.


Link via Slashdot, Spamelot: The Broadway Musical Announced: "SPAMELOT, a new musical adaptation of the most popular Monty Python movie, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, will open on Broadway directed by Mike Nichols and produced by Ostar Productions, in the Spring of 2005, following out-of-town engagements."


What a Wank

Love the animated Gif at the bottom of this page.
This is a torch that doesn't use batteries. Just shake for 30 seconds to give 5 minutes of light.

The link was forwarded to me with the subject "How to recognise a w@nker".
Is wanker considered a rude word that would be stopped by corporate firewalls?

Arrrr.... What day be this?

Avast! It's International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

You can even tryt'use t'Englisht'Pirate translator programt'help talk properly


Hank the Ranger
You are Hank the Ranger, leader of the group. You
have a nifty magic bow.

Which Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Wednesday, September 17

Orson Scott Card on why MP3s Are Not the Devil

Art Watch - September 7, 2003 - MP3s Are Not the Devil - The Ornery American: "In all the ridiculously overblown 'estimates' of how much the studios and record companies are 'losing' from 'piracy,' nobody bothers to calculate just how much extra money they made from consumers paying full price for music and movies they had already paid full price for only a few years before."

OSC also does a good commentry on the Palestinian situation.

Tuesday, September 16


Crucify the Monkey!

No! Don't crucify the monkey. It did nothing wrong!

Too Late.

In other news, the first episode of Dr Who aired last night while I was eating dinner before seeing the Marylon Manson concert. The DigiTV software made a very nice recording of it for me, which I then proceded to watch at midnight, when I got home from the concert. Many drinks were consumed during and after watching the episode, until it started to get light outside. Lucky I'm taking the rest of this week off work.


Who needs sleep?
I woke up at 6:15am yesterday. So far I've been awake for 31 hours.

Sunday, September 14


An interesting article on counter-intelligence, safety of information on laptops, etc. From September 1999. (Coutesy of the Internet Archive)

I found this article while trawling Ray Ozzie's weblog. Ray Ozzie was one of the original programmers for Lotus Notes, among other things. He has a few interesting stories on his site, including this one that I was reading, about network insecurity.

He recently decided to try and help Microsoft to refute a patent on some web-browser technology by demonstarting that Lotus Notes R3 could do the same things as the patent, about a year earlier (1993).

SexyLosers Online Comic Update

Ever had one of your parents tell you when/were you were conceived?

That is the topic of this weeks Sexylosers comic. (Warning - Adult content on link)

For anyone that was following this site, it has now moved to a new domain (, from their previous address.

Saturday, September 13

Hybrid Electric Cars

I plan to trade in my car sometime before November 2004, when the 6 year manufacturers warranty expires. So I'm keeping my eyes open for interesting or good cars.

I'm always interested in new technology, and one of the cars that has gotten my attention is the Toyota Prius. The original model available in Australia (2001 - 2003) was a bit gutless at high speeds and is too small.
The new 2004 Toyota Prius 5-passenger midsize liftback has been made bigger, more powerful and more fuel efficient. When it comes out in Australia I'll have to give it a test-drive.

Text (non-flash) version of the marketing and specs.

This new model has fold-down seats, fly-by-wire gear-stick, throttle, ... Electronically controlled Continuously Variable Transmission (no gear changes!), and funky proximity style keyless entry and keyless ignition. Hopefully Australia also gets the optional Navigation System that is being offered in Japan and the US.

Any money saved on Fuel Efficiency (over 21km/l) over the lifetime of this car would never pay the difference in cost between it and other similar sized cars. But the idea of the electric engine and regenerative breaking is pretty nice!

Next dream.

CDs 'sound better' with fungus

Courtesy of,
CDs 'sound better' with fungus according to Cameron Jones, an Australian scientist and nightclub/bar owner in Melbourne.

His latest experiments involve smearing yoghurt onto CDs, letting it dry and then playing the CD.
I'm not trying that experiment anywhere near any of MY cd players. I'm sure yoghurt would do wonders for the lense and other internals of the player!

Thursday, September 11

Star Trek: Law and Order

Star Trek: Law and Order - a (big - 14mb) Shockwave Flash "movie" - Star Trek/Law and Order crossover.

Complete with a midi generated thememusic crossover.
unfortunately it is 20 minutes long, with no fast-forward.

Wednesday, September 10

Computer Bugs

Yesterday was the aniversary of the first logged actual computer bug

Relay #70 Panel F (moth) in relay.

David Bowie "Concert"


  • 30 Minute wait, as the tickets said 8:30pm, but the show started at 9pm

  • Brief (5 second) introduction by Sony representative

  • Brief introduction by Richard Wilkins

  • Pre-recorded concert from the previous day in England, where they did the full thing live

  • Live Interview, complete with Echos as the presenter in each Asia/Pacific country asked their questions

  • Pre-recorded Encore, based on the songs voted for on

It is a good concept, but requires some work to bring the audience into it more. I can see them doing more of this type of thing in the future. Especially as Digital Projects become more common, and as data bandwidth becomes cheaper.

There were serious problems with the audio, ranging from a 50hz hum throughout the performance, to the bad mixing of the performance (especially for the first few songs). There were times when some instruments sounded clear and loud, while other instruments and the vocals were distant and muffled.

The crowd didn't really get into the performance much, though it sounded like the sydney crowd which had the presenter standing in front of them during the introduction and interviews, might have.

It was an enjoyable concert, but the format requires a fair bit of work. I would also have preferred to get up at 5am and see a real live performance, than see this 'delayed live' performance.

Monday, September 8

(Borrowed) Philisophical thought for the day...

Jim sent me an e-mail containing the following:

Socrates: Macquarie Bank rules the Universe
Plato: Correction, Macquarie Bank thinks they rule the Universe
Aristotle: From my observations, the people who work for Macquarie Bank don’t rule the Universe, but they sure are a bunch of CRAZED CONTROL FREAKS!!!

A Blast From the Past

Remember those Atari 2600 Game consoles?

Someone has gone and done a case-mod for one of those old joysticks, fitting into the joystick the console and 10 games! The joystick takes AA batteries and plugs directly into the TV.

ThinkGeek :: Atari Classics 10-in-1 TV Games

Saturday, September 6


Is this you? Do you say what you want in an interview or are you carefull with your editing?

Post a comment to say what you would do.

Friday, September 5

'Firefly' lands in film afterlife

'Firefly' lands in film afterlife: "In addition to having adapted it for the big screen, Whedon will also make his feature directorial debut with the project. Plans are to see 'Firefly' go into production in first-quarter 2004."

Firefly was a TV Series with a lot of potential. It was a shame that they cancelled it so early. It's good to see the Joss Whedon didn't give up on it. Universal is now going to make it into a film. (The reverse of what he did with Buffy - going from Film to TV).

Car Accident

It seems that sometime between when I got home late last night, and when I left the house early this morning, a car had quietly parked it's bonnet through a power pole at the roundabout near my house.
The car was sitting there, serenely blocking part of the road. There didn't seem to be anyone inside.

I'm sure someone will remove the car eventually.

Thursday, September 4


This site just shows that people sell anything on the internet.

'Music pirate' challenges industry

A P2P Filesharing user who got sued by the RIAA is contesting her case.

'Music pirate' challenges industry: "Mr Oppenheim also said the RIAA was immume from rules on unreasonable searches on the internet, because it did not have links with law enforcement agencies. "
He also said that the arguements that the RIAA had broken state and federal laws were "Surprisingly shallow".

I guess the RIAA has enough money to write their own laws in the US if they wanted.

Tuesday, September 2

Self-Parking Car on Sale in Japan

From Yahoo news, via Slashdot - Toyota has started selling a car that can park itself without the driver having to touch the steering wheel.

The new model Prius uses "electrically operated power steering and sensors" to help it reverse-park.
Sounds good. Can't wait for all cars to be fitted with this type of technology.
It has the potential to totally change things like Driving Tests, and the way people park/drive in general.

Sydney Power

First New York/Canada has a big power outage.
Then in the UK (last Friday)
Now Australia - Sydney has about 50 buildings without power in it's CBD today, after a fire broke out last night in a concrete cable tunnel.

Terrorists? The government would never admit to that.
Metal Cables catch fire by themselves all the time!

Links to conspiracy theory websites may appear when I get time to search for them. :)

Monday, September 1

Hugo 2003

The Hugo Award Winners for 2003 have been announced at the Torcon 3 Hugo Awards homepage.

Neil Gaiman picks up Best Novella for Coraline
Buffy the Vampire Slayer pciks up Best Short Form Dramatic Presentation for "Conversations With Dead People"
Best Novel went to Robert J Sawyer for his novel, Hominids

Bizarre Conversations

From: aknyra
To: sauhsoj
Subject: bizarre conversations
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2003 18:09:27 +1000 (EST)

"Hello can I speak to Joshua Samuel?"
"He's not home."
"Oh, can I ask if he's from India?"
"Is he from India?"
"Oh, ok, thank you."

A friends, friends, ex-girlfirends, ex-boyfriend, who is a bit crazy, rang my friend the other day with a prepared speech something along the lines of:
Crazy: "You have been a significant influence...."
Friend:"Who are you?"
(they had never met and my friend didn't even know this guys name).

So lets add to the craziness.
We were theorising at a cafe, that it is this guy who wrang. He had somehow heard a story about me through the chain of chineese whispers and thought that I was a significant person in this girls life aswell and decided to call me. (I've met her once, and wouldn't recognise her if I bumped into her in the street).
He must have gotten my number by looking up the whitepages online.
It's a shame I wasn't home to answer it. I could have had all sorts of fun not answering this persons questions.