Sunday, August 17

Word of the day


Edited transcript of MSN convesation (with big bits taken out):
Josh: lsaj;klj;saljk;sfajdalflkghuoiovmnxvczn
S: is that indicative of your mood.
Josh: oartuaky
Josh: or partially.
S:oooh!! cool word!
Josh: depending on spelling
Josh: same work though.

Josh: Youw seawch - oartuaky - did not match any documents. Oh, dat scwewy wabbit!
No pages wewe found containing "oartuaky".

(Yes, I have google set to the Elmer Fudd language by default on all my 'putas.)

Word 2:
Googleplex - A (specific) big number with lots of zeros on the end. - 10^[(10)^100].

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