Monday, August 11

Welcome to AUSWAY PUBLISHING --- Melway Edition 1

I was discussing the Jollimont railyards recently, and we looked up a melways from a decade ago. Specifically, the area where the new Federation square is now built and the surrounding features. -- Maps 43/44

The year was 1966. Southbank developments hadn't even been thought of yet. The Childrens court was next to the Beaurepairs Swimming Baths on Batman Ave (later renamed to The State Swim Centre, then even later, apparently demolished when they removed the road it was located on and replaced it with parkland), with a couple of ovals down the road at flinders park (now the location of the Tennis Centre).
Welcome to AUSWAY PUBLISHING --- Melway Edition 1
Oh, and does anyone want to go to the Clayton (Metro Twin) Drive-In Theatre? (Map 70 - H11)

Yes, thats right. I managed to stumble across the first edition of the melways. A lot has changed since 1966.
The westgate bridge was build in 1978. Hitachi supplied the first of Melbournes new train fleet in December 1972. The Jollimont railyards was "rationalised" in 1999. I'm sure people can list hundreds of other things that have changed in the city precinct since then.

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Anonymous said...

5 years later and dear Sauhsoj I will comment on your Melway entry. I ended up printing a decent swathe of the edition 1 jpegs back in 2003, and i still have them. I want to get the whole thing! i was at the time particularly interested in what the land beneath the Tullamarine freeway used to look like.
anyhoo, hope all is well, and that Karen and Miriam are good!