Friday, August 8


Ever recognised someone on a train, but decided that you weren't in the mood to socialise, so you avoided eye contact and pretend you didn't see the person?

I did this the other day. The seat next to me then freed up on the train, and the person sat down in that seat.

What do I do? I can't acknowledge the person now, after not acknowledging them earlier. I have my headphones on, so if I keep on looking forward, I won't be able to hear them either. I am very uncomfortable.

The person looks across at me. Stares across infact, or Glares. What do I do? I can't do anything. The stare or glare is an acknowledgement that I have intentionally ignored her. I can't break that now! So I do nothing. Stare forwards, and listen to the immortal advice from the radio-play that I am listening to - "Don't Panic".

She sits next to me for the remainder of my journey. I go to get off at my station. She stands up at the same time. I walk quickly off the train, and walk fast home, not looking back.

No entry in her livejournal yet. Sorry Sasha, if you read this!

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