Sunday, August 24

Party Postmortem

Mood: Relaxed, Tired
Music: Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here and Meddle

The Party went quite well.
People didn't really start to turn up until quite late, probabally figuring (quite correctly) that the party will go lateish.
Most people seemed to be enjoying themselves, and things didn't really die out at all until everyone left at around 3am.

Only a few bits of lost property, all now identified.

  • A handbag, that was picked up at 3:45am that morning.

  • A small black cardigan, soon to be picked up by its owner

  • A backpack, that I'm giving back to it's owner tommorrow

The cleanup this morning went well. We (Dave, Ainsley and Myself) cleaned up the house in an hour, after we all got up at around 11am. The house is now cleaner than before the party! (Freshly mopped/vacuumed floors, etc). Cleaning was followed by a much needed post-drinking big breakfast at the local cafe. Yum.

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