Saturday, August 30

Digital TV Card Update

I plugged in the Card last night.
Start up the computer.
Drivers are detected fine. Software installs fine.
Start up software, it starts to autotune the channels. Picture looks crystal clear.
Go to the channel listing, and only 9 and 10 had been detected.
I do another scan, and ABC and 7 are also picked up.

The stations that are getting picked up correctly are working well. Some tweaking still required of the MPEG decoder, to avoid ghosting on moving images (it's an issue with Interlacing/Deinterlacing probabally)

Reading the forums eveyrone else is having the same problem. The company is working on a bug-fix for the software ASAP. (Actual problems are: Channel 7 tuning, but not being picked up correctly, SBS not being tuned at all.)

Hopefully they get a fix in the next few days.
Update:They got a fix that night. All is now working well.

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