Monday, August 4

The Coffee Experiment

I first broke my caffeine addiction in Year 12, just before the mid-year exams. I used to drink a number of cans of Coke a day. Since then, I occassionally have some coffee or Coke, and suddenly I start to get withdrawl symptoms again.

I've had coffee a few times in the last few days. It started with a coffee at lunchtime on Friday. On saturday, by about 7pm, I was in desperate need of some caffiene, so I had some Coca-Cola. Sunday, I had 2 coffee's over the course of the day, in my wanderings around South Melbourne and the City.

It normally takes me a bad week of headaches and grumpiness to get myself unhooked from coffee. I'm not willing to break the cycle yet. I need to be able to concentrate at work. I'll just have to keep on drinking the stuff, I guess. Mmmm..... Coffeee.

Someone once decided to do a Coffee Experiment, which involved trying to drink a lethal dose of caffeine in the form of cups of coffee. Thanks to the lovely Internet Archive (it has recently dissappeared from the google cache), you can still read this wonderfull article. An amusing read on the effects of too much coffee. (Sorry for the bad colours. The cache didn't get the background properly)

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