Sunday, July 27

Party Time, Excellent!

Dave and myself had a Housewarming party last night. It went really well!

Picture people toasting marshmallows over a brazier outside, other people dancing away to the pumping music on the "dancefloor", while in the bathroom, experiments are performed involving many types of alcohol and a number of human test subjects.

In the lead-up to the party, I was quite worried that it was going to be a flop. A few people had told me that they couldn't make it, and a big bunch of people were going to a Ball before coming to the party.

The recycle bin is now overflowing with empty bottles. :)
I wonder if the local recycled waste collectors have a mental picture of each areas demographics, based on how full the recycle bins are, and what sort of containers they recycle.

I didn't take any photos of the party, as I was too busy/distracted to do so. Party photos never turn out as good as the party itself anyway. (Things look so much better when drunk!).

Now to attempt to tidy up the kitchen....

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