Thursday, July 31


The Koosh balls I ordered last week have finally arrived. I ordered 6 of them, for use as a general recreational device.

ie. They sit on my desk, get thrown around the office, or get held in my hand while working. (Like a stress ball, but soft and elasticy)


I went to a "random cafe" for lunch in the city today with Jim and Barb. About 30 seconds after we sat down, Avril comes over and says "I recognise that voice!". Avril and Kellie had randomly choosen the same cafe.

Random segment of a conversation between people I know:
"I like hardware"
"Thats a shame, I only do Software"

Wednesday, July 30

A New Pillow For Singles

One of my uncles, who is in the rag trade sent me a picture of a potential new product that he came across -
picture here

He says "I am looking for consumer feedback. What do you think? Should we proceed?"

My thoughts were the it could potentially be marketed to single females 14 to 28 years old, and that it should be modified to have the ability to contain a removable hot-water bottle.


Scary Robots

I've been browsing other peoples Blogs this morning, following links to further peoples blogs/webpages/LiveJournals. Along the way, I came accross this:

These Scary Robots were rated 18+ in the UK by the ethics and research committee at the University of Reading.

The robot head looks kind of like some of the robots in Terminator. (and not like any of the ones in Terminator 3)

Thanks Kym for this link.

Didn't go to work today. Wasn't feeling 100%.

So I fixed up the ADSL Modem that I broke last night while fiddling with settings. (I had to reflash the firmware by opening the modem, moving a jumper, booting to DOS and running a utility.)

My fiddling with the modem was to try allow my home computer to host some web-pages and scripts to link to from this blog. I guess I'll need to keep fiddling (more carefully) to get things going.

Tuesday, July 29

Buzz Zapp!

Went to go to sleep last night, turned on my bedroom light, and it started buzzing and zapping. I looked up, and there was water dripping off the light and onto my bed. Doh!

The light quickly went off and I had to use my bedside lamp instead. I went to sleep with a raincoat over my bed.

Real-Estate agent said I was the 8th caller today to complain of a leaky roof (when I called at around 8:30am).

Monday, July 28

Blake's 7 set for hi-tech return

They tried with Dr Who and failed. Will Blakes 7 succeed in a higher budget continuation of story last told a long time ago, in a country far, far, away?

BBC News reports that "the new mini-series will pick up the story 25 years on, but Darrow will be the only original cast member to return.".

The Goth Cycle

SexyLosers comments on goths and mood swings:
#195 - The Goth Cycle


Ever get the feeling that things are going to explode at any moment?
The silence before the storm...

Sunday, July 27

Party Time, Excellent!

Dave and myself had a Housewarming party last night. It went really well!

Picture people toasting marshmallows over a brazier outside, other people dancing away to the pumping music on the "dancefloor", while in the bathroom, experiments are performed involving many types of alcohol and a number of human test subjects.

In the lead-up to the party, I was quite worried that it was going to be a flop. A few people had told me that they couldn't make it, and a big bunch of people were going to a Ball before coming to the party.

The recycle bin is now overflowing with empty bottles. :)
I wonder if the local recycled waste collectors have a mental picture of each areas demographics, based on how full the recycle bins are, and what sort of containers they recycle.

I didn't take any photos of the party, as I was too busy/distracted to do so. Party photos never turn out as good as the party itself anyway. (Things look so much better when drunk!).

Now to attempt to tidy up the kitchen....

Personal Introductions

And so this blog was started.
So that you will know who I am:
Joshua Samuel, born August '77 in Melbourne, Australia.

I went to Monash Uni, where I completed a Bachelor of Computer Science degree, while doing almost full time work concurrently. Among other friends, I also associate with people from the korner social group.